Google AdWords

Need help getting your product or website out to the masses? Google Adwords may be just what you are looking for. We get asked all the time how to get a higher ranking in Google and Google Adwords is a shortcut to that process.

Using Google Adwords, you can tell Google to show a short ad for your product or service (via your website) when a potential customer searches for words having to do with your product or service. For example, say you sell cars, you can set up an ad campaign asking Google to show an ad (the links at the top and right of most Google searches) for your page. The system is set up through an auction system so depending upon which keywords you want to target, you can spend as little as a few cents per click. Google only charges you when someone clicks on your ad so even if it is shown a hundred times, you only get charged when someone clicks. You can also set up monthly budgets so you know the max you will be spending each month.

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