Did you know, your computers, smartphones, printers, or routers are a big fire risk? You may haven’t thought about it, but they can do real damage. We all have plenty of tech appliances in our homes. These appliances such as microwaves, laundry machines, and air conditioners are the top sources of domestic fires. Often overlooked, your computer equipment can also cause fires that harm and kill homeowners.

So, how do you keep your home safe? Remember that your tech appliances produce heat when they are powered on. That’s why these appliances are designed with venting systems. However, desktops, laptops, routers, modems, and printers can all overheat.

tech fire risks

How Computers & Peripherals Are A Big Tech Fire Risk

Your desktop computers have fans to eject the hot air, but they can get clogged with dust. Every so often, people place computers pushed up against a wall, covered with papers, or kept in a small cubicle that gets no airflow. Your laptops can also overheat. If you sit with the laptop on your lap, or on a blanket or pillow, you’re blocking the device’s exhaust port. As a result, your laptop can’t cool down.

In order for the device to cool down, the air has to flow through it. However, that won’t happen appropriately if dirt or pet hair blocks the outlets. Your costly technology could overheat and cause a fire or stop working efficiently as it has to work harder continually.

Other Tech Fire Risks

Too many cables connected to a single socket also represent a fire threat. We strongly recommend avoiding overloading your circuits with the excessive electrical load. You can also upgrade your electrical cabling and opt for durable extension cables.
Charging cords and overheated batteries are also a problem. That’s why a number of airlines prohibit certain smartphones as they’ve been known to suddenly combust.

How To Keep Your Home Safe Against Tech Fire Risks

You can avoid charger and battery loss by selecting brand-name items. Third-party chargers for phones, tablets, and laptops can save money as they are inexpensive due to fewer safety features. But if your charger causes a fire, you can end up spending more money on damage control.

Also, consider buying an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It’ll provide power if your regular electricity source fails. You can also use it to avoid power surges and ensure safe shutdown of attached paraphernalia.

Lastly, schedule regular maintenance and get your computer cleaned at least once a year. You may do this yourself, but many individuals prefer to hire computer tech support.

Wrap Up

House fires are something most homeowners live in fear of, but using these tips can help you ensure the safety of you, your family, and your home.

Whether it is computer cleaning, setting up safe cabling, or installing a UPS, we can help keep your home safe. Call us at (215) 600 – 1771 today to learn how we can fireproof your technology!