If you are like most people, you have ordered something over the internet recently. You may have also had the displeasure of getting your credit or debit card numbers stolen. If you haven’t, let me tell you what a hassle it is.

First you have to discover that your number has been stolen and used. Some times this may take days and your bank may have a limit on when you can report it.

Next you have to contact your bank and report the card has been stolen. Some times you have to prove that it wasn’t you that used it.

Finally, you have to wait for your refund and a new card (if you can even get it). This can take days or weeks.

We found a company that can eliminate all these issues (and it’s free). Here is how it works

Privacy.com connects to your bank account (securely) and creates virtual credit card numbers for you for different online stores. Once you use this number for an online store, it is locked to that store. If someone does steal that number, they cannot use it anywhere else. You can also set limits on how much can be charged on that card number for that site and pause or cancel that number at any time. That’s it! They make money from the merchants just like regular credit cards so there is no cost to you!

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