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Offsite Backups

Essential Peace Of Mind

Did you know that 100% of internal and external hard drives will eventually fail?


Your valuable business and customer data is too important to lose. With our affordable offsite backup service, you can have fully encrypted preservation of your data.


What is Offsite Backup

Off-site backup is a method of backing up data or applications to a remote backup location, not inside your office. The data is encrypted, compressed, and then transmitted to an offsite security center. In case of emergencies or calamities, this data can be accessed by using either the Internet or another data restore line.

What is an Onsite Backup?

An onsite backup is a system backup of data that is stored locally. This type of backup is typically done on the business premises. Local backups are useful for protecting data from natural disasters, theft, or other types of disaster. They provide protection for disaster recovery, especially if the business relies heavily on computers.


Key Advantages

  • Unlimited backup storage with the ability to cancel at any time
  • Regular onsite backups included at no extra charge
  • No hardware or software to buy
  • Email notifications for whether the backup was successful or not
  • Revision history with the ability to keep up to three versions of each file

Advantages of Offsite Backup



One of the major advantages of offline or remote backup is automation. You can set your files to update on a daily basis or whenever you wish. You can take as many backups as you need, as often as you need. It is also quicker to recover your files because this works over the internet.

Easy To Set Up

Backup solutions are managed by an IT partner who can work with you to set up which files and data to back up. Other solutions can be set up with a few clicks and even automated, so you can rest assured that your data is backed up and up-to-date.

Reduces Workload

In the past, an individual tasked with the responsibility of backing up data would literally have to manually back up or copy files, placing all your faith in the person’s ability to perform the routine correctly every single time.


Most backup providers store their servers in secure locations, meaning that your data is physically secure. This is vital during times of disaster especially in instances of cyber criminality.

Easy to Destroy

Should there be a need, offsite data backup is easier to monitor and destroy than data stored in the cloud. This is because data stored online might be stored on a number of different networks and servers. In this case, tracing and effectively disposing of the information will likely be problematic.


Abuzz Technologies guarantees that your company’s data will be kept up to date and secured.

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