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Are you a real estate agent?

We have extension knowledge in the technology that real estate agents need to become more efficient.

Website design

We can design an eye catching website for your practice that you can take with you if you ever change companies complete with the ability to show listings on your site. Visit our demo site at .

Cloud based email

Complete email hosting for your office that will allow users to check their email/calendar/contacts and documents from any Internet connected device. No more expensive set up fees for new agents and they can work from home saving you office space.

Tech support

We can provide desktop support to one agent or the whole office complete with remote login. Stop wasting your time worrying about IT issues when you can be doing what you do best.

Cloud based document management

Stop wasting thousands on expensive servers. We can set up a cloud based file system that is more secure and cost effect than a traditional server.

Calendar sharing

Share calendars in the office and set up one for the conference room so agents can schedule their own closings.

Google my business

Get a higher local listing on Google.

Google Adwords

Start and ad campaign on Google that lets you dictate how much you spend per month spend per month.

Social media package setup

Set up a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus account and connect them with a free Hootsuite account.

Article writing

We can get unique articles written on real estate topics to post to your blog and social media to get you a higher ranking in Google.

Google for work

Create branded email addresses for all agents.  Synchronize email, contact, calendar and documents across computers, phones and tablets.

Speed up a slow computer and security package

Remove unneeded programs and remove any viruses.  Install the best free antivirus.

Off site backups

Backup your files and pictures to an off site location automatically.  Up to 4 computers with the ability to backup to another computer you own.

Email templates

Create a template for sending out newsletters to clients or prospective clients.  Works in mobile email as well and you can see who opened them. Also allows users to unsubscribe.

Drip campaigns

Visitors to your website can sign up to receive something free (like a free “how-to” guide) and will receive emails periodically up selling them.

Remote access to your computers

Access your computer from anywhere there is Internet access.

Find out who and how people are accessing your your website

Find out who is coming to your site and what they are using to get there.  Find out the best way you are getting traffic.

Print to your work printers from home

Send a print job to your office computer so that it is there when you arrive.

Make sure files from an old computer are unretrievable

Wipe all old files from your computer using government encryption.

Set up a new computer

Set up a new computer, transfer files and programs, install antivirus and other needed programs.

Set up a wired/wireless network

Run cables or set up a secure wireless network.

Retrieve data from an old computer

Possibly retrieve files from a computer that won’t boot up.

Set up a new smartphone

Show you how to use and sync data to your smartphone.

Set up a low cost document and picture storage system

Scan old files and pictures directly to the cloud where they can be accessed from any device.

Set up a Youtube channel

Set up a place where you can showcase your properties and services or how to videos.

Find the best phone and Internet service for a company

We can find the fastest and least expensive phone and Internet service for your company and no charge.

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