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Move your company to the cloud

Access resources such as files, email, contacts and calendars from anywhere with Internet access.
Imagine being on the road (or on vacation) and being able to see all your documents, contacts and calendars from there without having to buy an expensive server or pay for expensive IT services.

Files and other resources and can access and edited from almost any smart device.
Working on a PC while others want to use a Mac? With our cloud computing solution, it doesn’t matter. You can also access all these resources with an iPad or android tablet and, of course, your iPhone or android phone.

No need for a fast computer.
Have older computers or just don’t want to have to replace your computers every two years to keep up with speed demands? By nature, the processing with cloud computing is done somewhere else so you don’t need expensive hardware to create that spreadsheet or work on multiple files.

No need for backups.
Most people don’t back up one of their most important assets… their data. The cloud servers we use do this for you, automatically without any effort from you.

Files can easily be shared.
No need to email documents back and for or being blocked from accessing a file because someone else has it open. All edits are done in real time from any device and permissions can be set to only allow read privileges.

Much cheaper than traditional setups.
Instead of spending thousands on an expensive server then having to pay fees to have it set up. Typical users can be set up in 15 minutes.

Everyone is using the same version of the software.
No more worrying about upgrading Microsoft word or Excel. Everyone will be using the same version of the cloud software so there won’t be any inconsistencies.

Open/edit/create Word or Excel documents.
We know not everyone will be on the clouds so our software can still open/edit/create Word and Excel documents. You can even create pdfs out of these.

Files are less prone to viruses.
Cloud files are never stored on your device so there is zero to little chance of your computer ever becoming infected.

Abuzz Technologies is proud to be a Google for Work Partner and a Office 365 Reseller so we can help you decide which option is best for you.

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