How to find your Internal and External IP address

How to find my ip address

Sometimes you’ll have an issue not particularly with hardware but the software end of your computer, perhaps you are trying to set up that wireless printer or set up a media server to share photos with the grandparents. Whatever the case there may come a time where you need to access your internal or external IP address. And we’re here to tell you how.

Before we start:

What is an IP address?

An IP address or Internet Protocol Address is a string of numbers that allows your computer to be easily identified while on the internet or connected to your home network.

What is the difference between an Internal and External IP address?

Your internal IP address is for your local network only, it exists so that your router (the device connecting you to the internet) can tell the difference between your computer, your cell phone, a printer, or other devices are while they are connected to it, while your external IP address is the IP address of your router, this is what websites see when you are browsing the web.

How do I find my External/Public IP address?

There are a few ways to find your external IP address the easiest way is to go to and search what’s my ip  the result you get back will be your Public aka External IP address.

How do I find my Internal/Local IP address?

Here are the instructions for windows:

  1. Click on the start menu
  2. Type cmd and press enter
  3. In this new windows type ipconfig and press enter
  4. You will see a bit more information than you may want what your looking for is IPv4 Address
  5. The number across from that is your local IP address.

Here are the instructions for Mac:

  1. In the top left hand corner of the screen click on the apple and open System Preferences
  2. Click on the Network icon
  3. You should see a few options (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc.) You’ll want to select either Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on how you are connected to the internet. Click on your connection if it is not already selected it should say something like “Ethernet is connected and has the IP Address” or something along those lines (does not have to be matching number)

There you are, those are the ways you can easily find your Internal and External IP addresses.


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