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We have all received them, emails from some one we barely know asking us to send them money or click on a link. This is caused by the sender’s email getting hacked. Back in the day, this was the result of a virus on a person’s computer going through their outlook address book and sending an email through outlook to all the recipients. Today, it is much more likely due to the fact that a “bad guy” got into their web based email. It might not even be their fault. For example, I have had a Yahoo! based email that I haven’t used in years with a pretty strong password. Much to my dismay, it was hacked and emails were sent out on my behalf. I haven’t even logged into the account in years so I know I didn’t have a virus on my computer and I know someone didn’t create a fake Yahoo! looking site and trick me into logging in (two common ways thieves get into your account). Yahoo! must have been hacked.

We occasionally receive calls about this but unfortunately there is not much you can do after the hack. The thief now most likely made a copy of all the email addresses and can “spoof” your email address any time he/she wants making it look like an email to your contacts is coming from you. If you are using a web based email like Yahoo! or Gmail we highly recommend you turn on two-step or two-factor authentication (just Google it or call us). This will require that whomever has your password will also need your cell phone to receive a second “password” in order to log in. If you have already been hacked, we recommend the following:

  • Switch to a more secure web based email such as Gmail
  • Change your password to something very secure from a computer you are sure doesn’t have a virus
  • Turn on two step authentication
  • Send everyone in your contact list an email saying the email wasn’t from you and you have taken steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again


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