Google Collaborative Inbox

You can use a group as a collaborative inbox to distribute and track responsibility for topics among the group’s members. This is a free feature of G Suite. Feel free to give us a call if you need help setting this up.

These collaborative features are especially useful for technical support or customer service teams. For example, you can create a group with the address, add your support staff as members, and allow people outside your organization to send messages to the group. Your support staff will receive your customers’ messages, and they can do any of the following from the group’s Topics view:

  • Assign responsibility for a topic to a member of the group
  • Mark a topic as resolved
  • Edit the tags associated with a topic
  • Filter topics according to tag, resolution status, or assignee

A few tips on using the collaborative inbox:

  • You may be a member of more than one group but you can see all of them at!myforums .
  • You can create as many groups as you like.
  • You cannot transfer “tickets” (called topics) between groups.
  • For a client to create a ticket, they would need to send an email to the email address of the group (e.g.
  • If you want a member of your staff to create a “ticket” on behalf or your client, they would need to send an email from their email account from the group email address. For example, if your email for the group is, you need to follow these steps to send the email: Please note that the ticket will NOT be created until the client responds to that email.
  • Canned responses can be used to respond to frequently asked questions. From the ticket, click on the drop down for canned responses.
  • To take responsibility for a ticket, click the “take” button on the ticket.
  • To reassign to to someone else, click reassign.
  • If it is a duplicate of another message, click set as duplicate and search for the duplicate ticket.

After our evaluation of Google’s collaborative inbox, it isn’t the best solution but if you are already using G Suite and you need a bare bones, free system this could be for you.



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