Remotely accessing your computer using Teamviewer

If you would like to remotely access your computer using Teamviewer, here are the instructions:

You must have the “personal use” version of Teamviewer installed on your remote computer (the one you want to access), if you double click on Teamviewer on your computer desktop (the one you want to access) and it has the Abuzz Technologies logo on it, we must uninstall that version, reboot the computer and install the personal use Teamviewer. Feel free to call us to do that for you. If you already have the personal use version on your computer, please do the following on the computer you want to use to access this computer (most likely your home computer).

  1. Go to Download and install teamviewer.
  2. Choose option:
  3. Choose the first option (basic installation) if you are going to access your other computer frequently.
    • Choose the second option (access this computer) if you want someone else (like Abuzz Technologies) to access the computer you are on right now.
    • Choose the third option if you want to just access your remote computer 1 time (not recommended).
  4. After installing, the teamviewer screen will come up. Enter the 9 digit code of the remote computer you want to access (we can provide you with that) in the box that says “Partner ID”.
  5. Click connect to computer.
  6. It should ask you for the access code (we can provide you with that).

This should take you to your remote computer.
You may have to enter the Windows username and password of that computer if you logged out of it.



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