Let’s face it: Technology is the lifeline of your business. You’re leveraging technology in nearly every aspect of your business –from marketing to sales to customer service. But as your business expands, you’ll have a plethora of software and hardware. Perhaps, you have a mishmash of technologies that are never intended to work together. That’s where tech consolidation can come to your rescue.

Large-scale companies can manage to pay for an internal IT team to monitor all the hardware and software. However, small- to medium-sized companies are the ones that need help. Handling multiple platforms like computers, mobile devices, telephony print, and fax systems can be challenging. Plus, you also have to secure all the software that you use in your company. On top of it all, you have to set up data recovery in the event of a catastrophe or emergency.

tech consolidation

Benefits of Tech Consolidation

Tech consolidation provides numerous advantages to businesses of all sizes. Here’s how a managed service provider (MSP) can help.

1. Better Efficiency

You can call your provider if there’s an issue with your printers, phones, or Internet connection. But when you have several vendors offering each of these services, you have to make numerous calls. This means hours of waiting on the phone with a printer company, phone company, or internet service provider (ISP).

Moreover, when you get in touch with customer support, they can address only problems in one area of concern. For example, the printer company isn’t going to help solve your internet connection problems. Likewise, the ISP won’t know a thing about printers. This disconnection can waste a lot of your time.

With an MSP, you only have to make a single call. The support agent will know and understand your entire system. They’ll offer input based on how diverse technology works together.

2. Increased Cost Savings

Without a holistic view of your tech and its interactions, you may waste a lot of money. For example, you may invest in a new feature for voice over IP (VOIP), replicating a functionality you already have online.

So, tech consolidation with one MSP can also reduce costs. An MSP will help you outline how your technology interacts together. They’ll make recommendations based on your business’ requirements and objectives. This may help you save money on services in one area with a simple upgrade in another. Maybe you’re paying for software licenses you no longer use. Moreover, an MSP will help you identify prospects for cost savings attained from bundling services.

An MSP will usually charge a monthly, consolidated fee. Rather than handling numerous bills for every technology, you’ll have to pay a single, steady fee, which also streamlines your budgeting.

3. Improved Business Agility

If a business wants to survive in the current economic situation, it has to be agile. However, working with many different vendors can slow down your ability to react. That’s where streamlining your procedures can improve your response times.

An MSP will adopt a practical approach to managing your tech needs. They’ll help you to evade interruptions. Partnering with an MSP can help you keep your technology current, updating security and upgrading systems. This will free up your IT workforce so that they can focus more on profit-generating work.

4. Better Business Performance

Individual vendors emphasize on selling you their specific services or systems. They aren’t much concerned with the overall interaction of your technology. On the other hand, an MSP ensures all your technology works together effectively and efficiently.

When you work with an MSP, you get a business partner that prioritizes your success. They can help you to determine how your business could be performing better and how your team could be collaborating more. Plus, they can suggest ways to make your processes more efficient. They’ll provide you with the right answers to cybersecurity risks and issues. Also, they’ll make sure your business has the best technological tools to fulfil its requirements.

Wrap Up

An MSP provides a single point of contact that’ll understand your complete setup and how it works together. They’ll help you make better buying decisions. Besides, as a real business partner, they will support your agility and prosperity.

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