What’s the “ need-to-know” on “Expiring emails”

It’s no secret that the ever innovative Google will continue to WOW us with their amazing features they provide for Google users. Now, if you opted into the new version of Gmail, you have yet another option to utilize.

Google’s “confidential mode” feature gives the user more control. Users set an expiration date on emails before sending so that the contents are not accessible after a certain period.


To access this feature, hit “compose” to start a new email, and you’ll see this padlock icon at the bottom of your window.

When you click on the icon, a pop-up window will appear with two options:

  1. Set the expiration date
  2. Decide whether you want it to be password protected. Your expiration dates are limited to the options Google gives you, For now. We know surely with Google, more options will most likely appear, if there is a need.

Per the example: I chose to have my email expire in one day and  No to passcode protection.

A few notes:

  • This is only available if you are using the gmail interface (not outlook)
  • If you do not see the padlock icon, contact us at [email protected] and we can see about enabling this for you.


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