Hashtags are an interesting tool of social media. Social media itself is like a sea of people constantly screaming out in their own bubble for other people in different bubbles to hear them. For example when you tweet something on Twitter or post to Instagram, your personal bubble of friends and followers are the only ones that can see you. How can you expand your social media reach? Hashtags.

Hashtags are the solution. Hashtags (formally known as the pound symbol or this # symbol) allow anyone searching the specific phrase following the symbol to see what you’ve posted. For example let’s say you post a cute picture of your cat. And 8 people like it. Now you add the tags #cutepets #cats #kittens anyone searching those 3 tags (and there are a lot of people searching for those tags) will be able to see your photo on Instagram or the Tweet.

What about Facebook?

Facebook has also incorporated hashtags into itself but it’s not as widely used or as efficient as Instagram (which is mostly photos) or Twitter with its limited character count. If you add hashtags but your profile or post are private, no one will be able to see your post.

Why are hashtags useful?

This feature in social applications can be used to expand your social media influence, by adding tags (and not spamming them as that can get you banned) that can allow people interested in the things you’re promoting.  It’s like throwing out a net to allow you to catch more people outside of your social bubble. Be warned though, using this feature allows anyone to view your stuff (if you are public). Use it wisely. Happy Surfing!


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