Client Security Checklist

Computer security is incredibly important in order to maintain your business and keep you and your customers’ information safe. It might also be required by your insurance company. Check out the checklist below to see if you need to beef up your computer security with the help of us at Abuzz Technologies!

✔ Is there a monitored anti-virus on all computers (including any personal computers being used)?
Our antivirus software automatically updates and scans your computer. It will also alert us of any viruses that may try to run.

✔ Are all machines locked down so that users can’t install any programs (and viruses)?
We can make users non-admins so they can’t install any programs on their computers. They would need to call us or the owner of the company if they need to install anything or update any software.

✔ Are your computers being updated?
Schedule Abuzz Technologies to login after hours to perform security updates. Learn more.

✔ Do you have a firewall with updates installed?
Abuzz Technologies will install a physical firewall that attempts to block people from accessing malicious websites (and it’s updated monthly too!)

✔ Are your emails encrypted?
Email messages are encrypted when they leave your email to prevent man in the middle attacks.

✔ Do you have a spam filter?
Filter out as much spam as possible before it gets to your users.

✔ Do you use a 2 step authorization on all apps, including email?
Require a text message to be sent to a user’s phone when they try to log in with a different computer.

✔ Is your hard drive encrypted?
If your computer is ever stolen and the hard drive is encrypted, the thief will not be able to retrieve the data off of your hard drive. A downside is that if the computer ever “dies” we cannot retrieve the data either. However if the computer is regularly backed up, it should be fine.

✔ Do you use a password manager or do you use the same password for all websites?
People who use the same password over and over again on different websites are easily hacked. The hacker figures out your password on one site and tries that same password on other sites. This can be prevented by using a password manager that generates new passwords for each website. You only have to remember one password and certain passwords can be shared throughout the company.

✔ Does your WordPress website need to be updated?
Websites have software running on them that needs to be updated with security patches.

✔ Do you use off site backups for computers?
Encrypted backups of data on the computer in case the hard drive dies.

✔ Do you need secure remote access?
If users need to access their computers remotely, our encrypted software will notify us if someone tries to log in from a new computer and we will have to approve it.

✔ Do you need security awareness training?
Most hacks are done with social engineering. We can send fake “phishing emails” to your employees and see if they fall for them and send you a monthly report back. If they fall for it, the will be sent to some quick training courses.