If you are a Google for Work customer you have a few options when you want to create a new “email address”.


Plain Email Account:

A plain email account is a paid account that anyone can log into with the correct password. This is the everyday email we would set up for an employee or a department in your company such as johnsmith@mycompany.com or sales@mycompany.com. The advantage of this is that we can allow other email accounts to check this email and respond from that account. For example, we can allow johnsmith@mycompany.com and jillsmith@mycompany.com to receive emails from sales@mycompany.com and respond to those emails using sales@mycompany.com. Doing it this way stops customers from getting individual email addresses of your employees and you never have to worry about your customer emailing someone directly while they are on vacation or gone from the company.



An alias is a free “email” account but it is not technically an email account. An example of this would be a sales@mycompany.com email account. We can set this up for you and you can have this email forwarded to as many other email accounts you would like. The disadvantage of this type of account is that when the person replies it will be coming from their email account and NOT the sales@mycompany.com account.

We often do this if you have an employee leaving. We can transfer all of the old emails and documents from the ex employee to a new employee and then create a free alias email for them, this way, you won’t have to pay for the email account and a current employee will still see any emails addressed to the ex employee.


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