Companies are busier than ever before! Many of us are working non-stop and even work when we are home sick, or on vacation. Often times in business and life we need to share information securely with colleagues, schools, doctors, businesses, and banks, just to name a few instances.

But once that item has been accessed, then what? Is it sitting in limbo in someone’s email, is it a saved file on someone’s computer? It’s an identity theft or hackers dream!

This is where Firefox Send comes in: It allows you to share your files using a link that will expire (if you want it to), removing all of your personal and business information from the web, and here’s the best part: It’s extremely easy and user friendly! As simple as “Drag and Drop”.


A Great Example:
Need to send a document containing private information to a client or company? Now, instead of emailing them the document, increasing your risk of information theft, hacking, or viruses, you can use Firefox Send, giving only that person (through the use of a password) access to that document for a limited time. This limits the window of time other people can view this. Find out more at