If you are like most of our clients, you had to scramble to find a secure and reliable way to access your computers in a hurry. Some people chose an option such as Log Me In, Teamviewer or Gotomypc which seem to be taking advantage of the pandemic by raising prices and cracking down on any business users that were claiming to be free “home” users. Sometimes this was down without warning so some people went to log in one day only to get a message saying the could only remain logged in for 30 seconds. After extensive research, we have found a solutions that seems to check all the criteria:


  • Secure – If someone gains access to your computer and tries to log in from a foreign computer, we will receive a notification and can allow or deny access.
  • Easy – Once we install the software and save the passwords, you just need to click on an icon on your desktop to access your work computer remotely.
  • Inexpensive – Pricing starts at $120 a year to access one computer remotely.
  • Full Featured – Log in and work at your remote computer just like you were. Transfer files and print remotely as well!

If you still need remote access or you want a better option, give us a call at 215.600.0349 for a no obligation discussion.