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What to do when an employee leaves

Having an employee leave or having to fire them is usually not an easy thing. Here are some things to be aware of from a technology standpoint:

Do you want them hanging around after you have let them go?

If you just let them go, do you really want them going back to their computer and having access to all your files and contacts? We recommend calling us a head of time (a few days) and we can remotely change their computer password and email password blocking them from deleting files or doing other mischievous things on your network. This way when they come in the next day, they will be locked out and will probably come to you first thing.

Statistically, it is better to let someone go on a Friday so at least they have the weekend to look forward to. Call us a few days before so that we can make sure we have everything we need to lock them out.

What do you want to do with their emails and documents?

Chances are this employee has a few older emails  you may need and not all your customers will know who to contact in their absence. If you are also using Google for Work, they may have important documents under their account. Not a problem. Just give us a call and we can transfer all the old emails to another employee and set up an email alias for this person  so that you don’t miss any important emails. We can also transfer ownership of all important documents if they are in Google docs. Just let us know who should take ownership of these.

Do they have any logins to your social media accounts or web based apps?

Some key employees may have access to your Twitter or Facebook accounts. You definitely don’t want them posting disparaging remarks about you or your company to hundreds or thousands of users. Make sure you delete them or have us do it. Just remember, just blocking them from their email accounts does not block them from using that email account to log into other sites such as Facebook or Instagram.



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