Working from home

With working from home seeming like it’s a permanent thing now, our clients often ask us how to make sure their company data is still secure. Here are a few ways:

  • Purchase the computers your employees use at their home.

Most home user computers are not secure and if you purchase the computer for them we can ensure that our security is on there just like the computer was in the office. 

  • Install our antivirus and zero trust software.

Antivirus will protect against known threats and with our zero trust software users (or hackers) will have to ask our permission to install any type of software before it can be run.

  • Turn on multi-factor authentication.

Most people are using web hosted email and files. Even with the best security software installed a user could be phished and convinced to give up their password. With two step authentication the hacker would have to know the password and be able to access the user’s cell phone to get into your data.

  • Use a VPN for all remote connections to a server.

If you need to connect to a Windows server from home you should absolutely have VPN software. If you don’t require VPN software to access the server any hacker can quickly find out that your server is open and try to obtain passwords by phishing or by brute force, trying different passwords for hours on end.


We care about our clients and the number one priority for all businesses is SECURITY, especially if your employees are working from home. This is why we are reminding you how important is to have IT support 24/7.

If you have any questions we are always here to answer them. Please call 215.600.0349.