Small Business IT Support and Services

Small Business IT Support Services

In regard to information technology services, many small business owners don’t know where to begin. You know using the right tech in the right way is a crucial part of success in just about any modern business. What you might not know is exactly what your small business needs from an IT support service. This makes choosing an IT provider way more stressful than necessary.

IT support services can help you with:

  • Setup of secure wireless networks, new computers and MS Exchange
  • Virus, spam and malware prevention and removal
  • Data migration and loss prevention
  • Adult content filtering
  • Cloud computing setup and operation for remote access to files and software using any device
  • Website design/hosting with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Business phone systems accessible by traditional or mobile phones
  • Offsite backup of your important data
  • Digital marketing and social media strategies

The first thing small business owners need to know about IT support services is that different companies require different needs. Just because you manage a small business doesn’t mean that your technology support needs are the same as every other small business. Many small business owners find that a good middle ground between help desk-only IT support and more extensive (and expensive) IT support services is a managed IT service.

For many small business owners, tech support only comes to mind when there’s a problem to troubleshoot (company wide server crash, major data breach, emails going offline,…..).

Investing in IT even when you don’t have technical problems can help you escape the cycle of waiting until your technology breaks and then having to hurry to find a quick, but not necessarily exhaustive, fix.

Why do small business owners need IT support?

1. Productivity

Productivity can take a huge hit when your employee’s attention is divided between what they need to do in order to keep your business running smoothly and making sure everything is working properly.

Obtaining the best IT support keeps your people doing what you’re paying them to do.

2. Time is Money

Constant hold-ups and wasting time on broken technology also costs money. The more smoothly things run, the more money is saved.

3. Get Professional Help

Simply put, small businesses who invest in IT and get consultation from experts in the field are more likely to thrive than those that don’t. It’s for this reason that investing in IT support should be a prerequisite for any business, no matter what size. IT solutions for computer software, hardware, and more recent innovations like VoIP phone systems and cloud storage are pretty difficult to understand unless you’re a certified IT technician. 

4. Stay Secure 

Security can be a big problem for many small businesses, mostly because hackers know that most companies of this size don’t apply tough security measures. Especially now that most businesses are facing work from home or hybrid work environments.

So many small businesses lack the knowledge about the threat out there.

5. Everyone is Happy

When things work smoothly, everyone is happy. Employees are the most important part of your business. We all want to be happy and happy employees lead to joyful clients. Joyful clients then turn into fans and fans sequentially lead to more clients, which will probably make you happy too!

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